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Muselii: a space where people can come together and share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, quotes and muses on life in general; in the process creating and assembling the Museaic.

The Museaic: a collection of thoughts, feelings and ideas from Musers around the world.

Muser: You!


Become a Muser, share your muses with the world and put yourself on the Museaic!

We are a social enterprise and our aim is to give 60% of the profits generated by Muselii to support organisations around the world which specialise in education and mental welfare.

We are not looking to change the world, but with your help we would like to make a small contribution and help make a difference to it.


It’s free to set up a Muser account and post as many muses as you like on your own page which you can share with your followers.

To post on to the Museaic all you need to do is pay 1 GBP, or the equivalent in your local currency. 1 GBP gives you 10 credits to post 10 muses. Your credits expire after 12 months – so muse it or lose it!

Something to muse about:

A Muser will be rewarded with a star ranking next to their name based on the number of muses they post.

So the more muses you post the higher your ranking becomes!

We don’t care how many friends you have or how many followers you’ve got. We only care about how many muses you want to share because…

Sharing is caring!

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